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Interview with Terri
Fun with friends
Working with Vera Wang/Dallas
beautiful Maui
Walk of fame
Beautiful Rio Beach
Copacabana Beach- Rio de Janeiro
Beautiful Santa Monica
On air- Radio Show in Los Angeles
Radio Interview with Insane Darrell Wayne in LA
Exploring the amazing Na Pali Coast in Kauai
Pool view from beach chair in Kauai
Marriott Kauai Pool
Top of eiffel tower
Visit to Paris
Galapagos Islands
Machu Picchu
Angel's Rest Trail
Angel's Rest
Angel's Rest Trail
Machu Picchu view from Machu Picchu Mountain
Cliffs Not Far from Finch Bay Resort in Ecuador
Urumbumba River
Breakfast with Won-G
Phuket beach
Brian heather and madi
Heather's Wedding Day
Swimming with the Turtles
Caleb Snorkeling in Barbados
Mother's Day 2011
Langkawi Malaysia
Bora Bora
Hermosa Beach
Girls of Hamady High School
Boys in Costa Rica
DBJ Women in Business Award
Women in Business Award- Bethany Williams
China visit
View from the Cave on the Mountaintop
Tom Daschle
Snorkeling in Bora Bora
Mount Otumanu in Bora Bora
Walking the Red Carpet
Meeting the Managers & Agents
Happy 11th Birthday Caleb